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RCC implementing the two projects of Ramadan Basket and Eid Clothing

Date Posted: Jun 10, 2019

Believing in its social and human role, RCC has implemented Ramadan Basket project in co-operation with Oman charitable organization through which purchase vouchers for the entitled widows and orphans. The number of the beneficiary families has reached more than (240) in co-ordination with Oman charitable organization and RCC team.

Eid clothing project has also been implemented where purchase coupons were distributed to orphans children and to the limited income people in co-ordination with commercial stones where the needs of such families are available such as Eid clothing. The vouchers were distributed to entitled people who are more than 300 beneficiaries by a number of the company employees in co-operation with Oman charitable organization.

These projects represent a part of the continuous efforts to enhance the company’s role as an Omani social institution, whereas the company seeks to assist and support the different categories of the society through the various initiatives which aim to realize the principle of social solidarity between the society individuals and to enhance the principle of the voluntary work among the company employees and society individuals in general.

Ramadan basket and clothing projects are a type care of the company to support the human programmes and charitable projects in addition to abide by its social responsibility and to support and assist the beneficiary families.

It’s to mention that RCC is one of the pioneer companies bearing the social responsibility by adopting a number of projects which contribute in developing and promoting the society and enriching the life of different individuals through the implementation of a number of social initiatives which focus on the satisfaction of the different needs of people.