We Guarantee Quality


To create value on a sustained basis for all stakeholders through the standards of transparency, accountability and responsibility, innovation and leadership in cement manufacturing while fulfilling corporate social responsibility.


Our mission is to create long-term value and provide market-focused solutions to all our clients and partners through the development and conversion of natural resources into quality products.

Our mission is comprised of four key objectives:

  • Adopt the best industry practices in all aspects of operation
  • Actively manage and build our business with high quality assets and services
  • Strive towards a high performance organization in which every individual accepts responsibility and is rewarded for results
  • Gain mutual trust of the shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers and communities through positive communications and by consistently delivering on the commitments.

We value:

  • A performance-oriented approach — achieving high quality business results and strengthening our capabilities.
  • Environmental safety — possessing a firm commitment to health, safety and sustainable development.
  • Honesty — doing what we say without compromise.
  • Commitment — to win-win relationships that are mutually beneficial to all parties
  • The Challenge — to deliver results even in situations of adversity.

Our success lies in:

  • Our shareholders realizing a greater return on their investment.
  • Business relationships benefitting our customers and suppliers.
  • Communities in which we live valuing from and widely benefitting from our existence.
  • Employees starting the day with smile and a sense of pride and purpose, and ending it with a sense of accomplishment.