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The board members of Raysut Cement Company conducted their visit to Raysut Cement Company plant in Salalah

Date Posted: May 22, 2024

In a significant move to enhance operational insights and foster stronger management relations, the board members of Raysut Cement Company conducted their visit to Raysut Cement Company plant in Salalah. This visit provided the board with an in-depth understanding of the plant’s operational mechanisms and strategic initiatives.

During their visit, the board members engaged in a comprehensive meeting with the plant’s management team. The discussions were focused on reviewing the various operational processes across different departments, aimed at ensuring optimal efficiency and quality in cement production.

Additionally, the board members undertook an extensive field tour of the plant and its facilities. This on-site visit allowed them to observe firsthand the various stages involved in the cement manufacturing process, from raw material handling to the final product quality control measures. The tour underscored the company’s commitment to maintaining high standards in product quality and operational excellence.

The board members expressed their admiration for the advanced technologies used in the factory and its commitment to global quality and safety standards. They emphasized the importance of continuing to work with the same efficiency and quality to achieve the company's expansion goals and increase its market share.

At the end of the visit, the board members affirmed their full support for the executive management in its efforts to improve performance and increase productivity, stressing the importance of continuous cooperation between various departments to achieve excellence and sustainable success.