Raysut Cement Company received the award of the Oman’s most trusted brand awards

Date Posted: Oct 29, 2018

Raysut Cement Company has won the award of the Oman’s most trusted brand awards in ceremony held for the most trusted brand in Oman for the year 2018 organized by Apex company for press and publishing at crown plaza hotel Oman, exhibition and conference center on Thursday 25/10/2018 under the auspice of H H Sayyida Tania al Said and the patronage of H E Talal al Rahbi, Deputy Secretary General of Supreme Council for Planning and the General Coordinator for the Tanfeedh programme.

The ceremony was attended by their highnesses, excellences, chairmen, managing directors, CEOs and other top officials from 32 winners.

In the opening speech, Mohana Prabhakar, CEO, Apex Press and Publishing mentioned that the awards were prepared be Apex in 2016 to recognize the trading brands which succeeded to prove that they are the best in their customer’s concepts.

The wining of such award of Oman’s most trusted brand is a continuation of the rich record of the awards history and certificates obtained by Raysut Cement Company over the past years.

Raysut Cement Company has won eight cups in the competition of H.M the Sultan Qaboos cup for the best five factories.

It has also won the honoring shield in 1993 and in 2013 considered as among the best ten factories in the Sultanate.

The company has won five cups in the environment cup competition as the best industrial institution. In the year 1996 and 1999, considered as one of the industrial institution binding by the environmental terms and conditions. It has also won the gulf council award for the best environmental works and activities for the year 1998.

Raysut Cement Company has won many international certificates including quality control system certificate NO (ISO 9001:2008) and environmental control system certificate No (ISO 14001:2004) and the international ISO No (API 10 A. 0006) for the oil well cement from the American petroleum institute, a matter which indicates the company abidance by the ISO standard.

Last September, Raysut Cement Company has won the green era award in the field of sustainability in the ceremony held in Rome the capital of Italy.

The award of the Oman’s most trusted brand was carried out under severe competition and carefully reviewed by the institution organizing the ceremony which includes several main important standards to win the Oman’s most trusted brand award, among such these standards the design and the performance and the most essential is the acceptance of the brand by the market.