Launching ceremony of SAP S4/HANA and SAP Success Factor for RCC HR.

Date Posted: Jan 06, 2019

RCC has launched the ceremony of SAP S4/HANA and SAP Success Factors development project with the support of FUJITSU TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS. 

The digital transformation is considered as one of the most important strategies of RCC. This project continued for five months to be launched on the first day of the New Year 2019. During the ceremony the system has been tested through the execution of a number of successful processes.

Mr. Saeed Fadhel (Head of IT) said “The launching of SAP S4/HANA and SAP Success Factor is considered as an essential effective step regarding the digital transformation for the group. This step no doubt reflects the strategic objectives of the group to amalgam the digital technology in all its business, a matter which contributes in the increase the efficiency and productivity and to provide quick and better services to the customers.”

Mr. Ahmed Al Tamimi (Chief of HR and Administrative Affair) added that, “Today, we have operated SAP S4/HANA and SAP Success Factor for HR. These systems will enhance the professional environment by introducing HR digital solutions to facilitate their processes and to achieve interaction between all employees.”

In this phase, we have focused on basic HR processes and the payroll and the procedures of performance appraisal and compensation. These systems will play a great role to cope with accelerated transformation in the digital era.

The digital transformation has become one of the necessities for the Companies and Institutions at present. It aims to develop the companied and institution processes through the change of their work system by using the different technologies and to follow the strategies in order to apply the technology to increase the productivity and reduce the cost.

The digital transformation isn’t an application of technology inside the institution only, but is a means to provide intensive programs, which can have direct impact on the institution and its work methodology and the way to provide the required services to the customers and to the beneficiaries easily and quickly.