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RCC organized a Campaign for its Staff to donate blood

Date Posted: May 02, 2016

RCC organized a special day for blood donation by RCC Staff yesterday morning in Co-operation with the Blood bank of Sultan Qaboos Hospital – Salalah. The campaign was organized at the Cement plant of RCC.

The campaign aims to educate the staff and society to be aware of the importance of the blood donation to save others life, as well as enhancing the social solidarity between the different categories of the community, due to the fact that the company is very keen to participate in the different social and human initiatives.

The campaign has witnessed a great response from the part of the Company Staff, who rushed voluntarily to donate blood, at the Company plant, a matter which reflects the awareness of the staff of the necessity to aid the sick people and to response to the emergency cases, which require urgent blood transfusion, in addition to the health benefits acquired by the donators.

It’s to be mentioned that the Company aims, through such a campaign to encourage the Company staff to contribute in different social initiatives and activities, and to assure its role in such aspect. It also aims to complete and enhance its role in such initiatives previously organized by the Company and to activate such a role to serve the community.